DMPL is a forward-looking organization specializing in import-export, warehousing & logistics services for our valued clients in Singapore & the region. Formed in 1999, the Company has grown from strength to strength in the areas of business development and logistics warehousing operations. The brand/product portfolios have also been enlarged from toiletries, personal care products to alcoholic beverages and premium food products. DsM has established strong partnerships with renowned corporations including Unilever to distribute their products within the ship-chandlery segment and the overseas markets.


The business model of DMPL has been focused on two main areas: import-export for ship-chandlery and travel-retail to support our clients’ international network distribution management. Moving forward, DMPL will expand further in the area of FMCG distribution as part of the ship supplies network. The aim is for the business to further expand in the areas of comprehensive distribution services & state-of-the-art logistics support.

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Aiming to be a leading provider of the entire spectrum of integrated logistics management services that range from distribution, transportation, and warehousing services to brand / marketing management of our clients’ products within Singapore & the Asia-Pacific region. This mission of DMPL is to maximize potential by providing quality logistics services through dedication & excellence that consistently meet our Customers’ expectations, thereby making a difference in value-creation. The ultimate objective is to grow into a leading company products and services catering to the ever growing and changing demands of DMPL's local, regional and international customers.

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DMPL strives to secure the best brands for our valued customers and offering excellent services with an aim to build a long-lasting partnership with every client. The Company’s strive to focus on Growth as a pertinent value underscores the importance of growing with our Clients. This growth is fostered by the value of Trust where a clear & strong understanding of the Clients’ needs provides the foundation of our business engagements. Meeting & exceeding needs is the key driver behind the strengthening of all existing partnership relations. The reinforcement is sustained by a strong Teamwork mentality among stakeholders both internal & external. Internally among functional & business groups and externally among suppliers, customers and agencies, all fuelled the momentum in relationship building.

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DMPL is committed to driving Quality Leadership through the implementation of Operations & Service Excellence initiatives supported by Continuous Improvements efforts aimed at exceeding the expectations of our valued Customers and outdoing the competitive standards.

Quality objectives are reinforced via:

1. Total Quality Management

2. Systems Oriented Environment

3. Learning Organization

4. Continuous Improvement Process

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Moving forward into the balance of the 21 st Century, the Company plans to continue the consolidation of the business foundation & introduce additional pillars for support thereby spearheading a more sustainable growth. This will elevate DMPL onto the next higher plane of achieving stronger results and crystallize a longer-term commitment to business excellence.

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